Specialist Mathematics

Unit 1 & 2

Specialist Mathematics Units 1 & 2 is a relatively new VCE subject offered for the first time in 2016. The areas of study for Units 1 and 2 of Specialist Mathematics are ‘Algebra and structure’, ‘Arithmetic and number’, ‘Discrete mathematics’, ‘Geometry, Measurement and Trigonometry’, ‘Graphs of linear and non-linear relations’ and ‘Statistics’. This online course contains instructional interactive video lessons and activities designed to engage and enrich the learning experience. Students are provided with a summary notes booklet that mirrors each lesson. The booklet becomes the student’s notes as they complete each lesson’s activities and exercises.

Provided below is a sample lesson from the topic Geometry.
Seminotes file – “Angles in polygons”
Video presentation – Index_Angles_in_polygons

Provided below is a link to a sample dynamic interactive (using Geogebra) from the topic Graphing techniques. (It may take a moment or two to load)
Sample dynamic interactive – “Locus of hyperbola activity”

Note: There is a video presentation and notes that accompany the above activity.

Unit 3 & 4

Some Specialist Mathematics lessons involve an interactive, explorative activity for students to complete. As for all lessons, a set of summary notes are provided for students to write on as they work.

Below are the seminotes for one such investigation, around ellipses, followed by the actual investigation activity. It opens in a java window and so you may need to click to allow any security notices.

The following activities are typical of a Specialist Mathematics virtual lesson. The seminotes are printed and used to record notes and exercises as the student works through the lesson itself. This lesson is a follow-up to the interactive investigation above.