Bendigo Senior Secondary College is proud to have led the establishment of the Victorian Virtual Learning Network over the last five years. Our vision has been to create a truly world class online learning environment to provide students with access to a broader range of VCE subjects. Our VVLN students have access to a high quality online course supported by a dedicated online teacher. Results show that students can achieve great success under this model of learning and the testimonials of students and other schools speak for themselves. Join us in 2019!
Dale Pearce, Principal, Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Grace Thorson The VVLN program has allowed me to be equally successful with my distance education subject as my other school subjects. The resources of the site and thorough online lessons in Specialist Maths have given me the advantage of working at my own pace and have allowed me to go back to revise previous lessons at any time, something I’ve found suits my learning very well.
Grace Thorson
Leongatha Secondary College

Olivia Henzen I have really enjoyed studying Physics through VVLN. The website is easy to navigate and can be accessed from either school or home. I like this flexibility and that fact that you have access to your teacher whenever you want. I am grateful for the one on one attention and the fact teachers are very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. I am also impressed with the quick turn around with feedback.
Olivia Henzen
Camperdown College

Harper Dawson I have been studying Maths Methods through the VVLN for two consecutive years. I first began studying Maths Methods 1&2 online in 2017 as there was a clash in my timetable at school. Having the VVLN as an option gave me the ability to still study Methods, without having to compromise any other subjects. Now in 2018, I have studied Maths Methods 3&4 through the VVLN. I thoroughly enjoy learning through the VVLN, as the independent learning style really works well for me. While the VVLN may seem as though you are completely left to yourself, I find that I am very supported in my learning with both my teacher at Bendigo SSC and also at my home school. This year there is a group of girls from my home school studying Maths Methods together through the VVLN, so we have arranged weekly study sessions and we often work together. The learning style may be independent, however, there is a great support network within the VVLN.
Harper Dawson
Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College

Xing Ong I like the design of VVLN. I prefer VVLN rather than the traditional class. The learning is flexible as it allows me to study whenever I want. Although I am an EAL student, the videos in Specialist Maths 1-2 make the topics easy to understand. I can pause them to have a break or keep replaying them when I don’t really understand. The website also has the full solutions of textbook questions so I can make sure I get all the questions correct.
Xing Ong
Charlton College

Macey Martin Studying with the VVLN has helped me become a more independent and motivated learner. The VVLN has allowed me to study Psychology after it was not offered at my home school. I am always provided with work and easy to follow video lessons to go along with it. Throughout the course I have received continuous support and assistance from my online teacher.
Macey Martin
East Loddon P-12 College

We have been very happy with the service provided by the VVLN. The program has enabled our students to access VCE subjects that we have been unable to offer. The standout feature of the program is the quality of the teaching. The teachers have at all times been accessible, organised and friendly in their dealings with our students. The online learning materials are of the highest possible quality and they allow students to go back over their learning at a pace that suits the individual.

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